Stefano on The Ring of Life, 9a / +

Rock climbing

Stefano started climbing in a gym, and only after some years he tried rock climbing. One of his first times on rock was in Tetto di Sarre, Aosta Valley, back in 2009. He never tried hard on real rock and he decided he was the right time to try. During that day Stefano was able to climb his first 7a, his first 7b and his first 7c, discovering a whole new world. After some months he climbed his first 8a, 8b and 8c in his home crags, and his first 9a in 2013, again in Sarre. From 2013 to date his progress never stopped, and has now in his curriculum 6 routes graded 9b and 3 9b+: Perfecto Mundo, Change and Bibliographie.

Hardest Ascents

Perfecto Mundo, 9b+, Margalef

Perfecto Mundo

Extremely overhanging, this is the route that took Stefano.        The most number of attempts. After a hard section of around 20-25 meters, the famous crux from mono to pinch made Stefano fall for more than a year. Bolted by Chris Sharma and freed by alex Megos in 2018


Change is the very first 9b+ in the world, bolted and freed by Adam Ondra in 2012 and repeated only (for now) from Stefano in 2020

Change, 9b+, Flatanger
Bibliographie, 9b+, Ceuse


Put up as the second 9c of the world by alex Megos in 2020, Stefano was the first to repeat this masterpiece in Ceuse. After repeating it, he decided to propose the grade 9b+,  comparing it with Perfecto Mundo and Change, after finding new betas in both cruxes. Bolted by Ethan Pringle.

Ascent in numbers:




  • Ground Zero
  • TCT
  • Biologico
  • Southern Smoke Direct
  • Under Vibes
  • Hell’Avaro
  • L’attimo
  • Goldrake
  • Le Cadre Nouvelle Version
  • Condé de choc
  • Definicion de resistencia democrata
  • Omen Nomen
  • Gancho perfecto
  • Los Revolucionarios
  • Pure Dreaming Plus




  • La moustache qui fâche
  • Demencia Senil
  • Biographie
  • Lapsus
  • Jungle Boogie
  • Ultimatum
  • First Ley
  • La Rambla
  • One Punch
  • La Capella
  • Beginning
  • The Bow (L’inchino)
  • Change P1
  • Terapia d’urto
  • The ring of life 9a/+
  • Trofeo dell’Adriatico
  • Bombardino
  • Kangaroo’s Limb




  • First Round First Minute
  • One slap
  • Queen Line
  • Stoking the fire
  • Erebor
  • The Lonely Mountain
  • L’Arenauta
  • Move Hard




  • Perfecto Mundo
  • Change
  • Bibliographie
  • Excalibur

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