After my first steps on Silence, I sent Move Hard, another beautiful route in Flatanger

An incredible month in a wonderful place: the time spent in Flatanger will always remain in my heart, also because I return from Norway with a good load of satisfaction and confidence for the future! In addition to having begun to take the first steps on Silence, as I told you in the previous posts, I have in fact also managed to complete another equally fascinating route: it is Move Hard, a 9b that has in common the final part with Silence.

Precisely this trait in common with Silence led me to try Move Hard, freed in the past by Adam Ondra and never repeated by any other climber in the world. I succeeded, first Italian ever and second right after Adam, and this was a source of great pride for me. I started to discover the route in the last few days and I immediately saw that I was very confident on it, then on the last day before our departure I completed the climb! The last meters are the same as Silence, and this makes me understand that in 2023 I will be able to return here with more confidence and attack the route.

Silence and Move Hard have the final part in common

In fact, I already plan to return to Flatanger next year, perhaps in two trips, with the intention of trying Silence again. This first exploratory trip made me understand many things, I analyzed the wall and all the movements, on which I will be able to work during the winter to return more ready and prepared. I must say that this month in Norway went well beyond my expectations, already completing some parts of Silence individually is a more than satisfactory result, and if we combine the send of Move Hard here comes the icing on the cake!

Now here I am again in Italy, in Arco, after a stop also in Milan where I took part to a beautiful event sponsored by The North Face: I had the pleasure of climbing with many enthusiasts who came to the Urban Wall gym in Pero, climbing on this beautiful structure. A day of climbing with hundreds of people, demonstrating that our community is growing more and more. Then, I look at the last seasonal commitments with the great final at the Italian Lead Championships in Arco on 8th  and 9th of October.

Looking forward to come back here in 2023, but first focus on the last part of this season

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